This is a complete Kitchen Remodel. What we had here was a kitchen design that wasn’t designed to it’s fullest potential. Adjacent to the kitchen towards the back of the house was an empty sunroom. We also have the kitchen counters squaring off the kitchen space – giving it a very enclosed feeling. We completely removed the dividing wall between the kitchen and the sunroom. We shifted the kitchen outline and extend a kitchen island towards the back of the house. Extended all the cabinetry along the outer wall of the house. We installed new flooring, painting, and even decorative wallboards, as well as beautifully fabricated stones on the island and the counter-tops. A beautiful metallic subway tile backsplash, $40k custom made cabinets, and decorative lighting fixtures. Maximizing and using the space to its fullest potential we were able to deliver our client’s dream kitchen into the real thing. Delivering satisfaction and quality like this is always what we strive for.